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This meditation draws on the Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) understanding of energy to create a targeted active meditation sequence.

Using energy understanding as part of meditation allows us to balance and align our electromagnetic field (EMF), which brings harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

ITA holds the viewpoint that the human EMF is a reflection of the Earth’s EMF, and by aligning our own EMF we are assisting the realignment of the Earth’s EMF.

Balancing specific energy points in a particular order is a simple and effective way to address imbalance at the physical, cognitive and spiritual levels of self.

Through this approach we can also meditate for specific outcomes. 

This offline course aims to:

Strengthen and energise our physical lungs. 

Balance and align our personal and collective grief, anxiety and inner sadness. 

Build our sense of interconnectedness, self-esteem and happiness.

The techniques and energy points used in this meditation have been compiled in this manual to provide you with everything you need to follow the meditation with ease.

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